Tariq Aziz November 25, at In this ritual the bride is made to sit seven days in veil wearing yellow dress. We cannot be judged apart from our culture and neither can our culture be judged apart from us. Unfortunately, on the other hand the real local Ajrak industry is declined rapidly, which can be evidently noted from different researches and reports narrated that due to negligence of people, more than 30 ajrak factories have been demolished and replaced by iron steel and other industries. Through this advertisement the Sindhi culture also promotes.

The news channels also play a part in promoting important cultural events and festivals of Sindh and make special packages and coverage to such events. All these things are shown in this drama. It is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by approximately 41 million people in Pakistan, and 12 million people in India; it is the second most spoken language of Pakistan, mostly spoken in the Sindh province. The host of the program was speaking Sindhi language. Malpuras are a kind of deep fried pancakes.

During the era of Yehya Bermki a Sindhi physician named Ibn-e-Dhanna had been appointed an administrative officer at the hospital of Baghdad, this man introduced there Sindhi method of treatment. That is why perhaps seero is also served as an offering in temples.

Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Day-A Symbol Of Love | Youth Awareness

Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Besides being a domain of Sindh culture, Ajrak is profoundly used by everyone not only nationwide but internationally. The topi and ajrak do not give us identity for it is people of Sindh who gave them an identity so just depending on them to express our culture is something which should be avoided and discouraged.

Feudalism is very much common in lower Sindh and now it is becoming the part of Sindhi culture.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

On different occasions, the Folk dance of Bhagat is also performed by professionals to entertain the visiting people. BNN is one of the most liking satire shows. With the passage of time keeping in view the disposition of wearer plus needs of modern world, new styles and designs has been introduced, as some times striking with national movements designing the map of Sindh, national slogans plus flag, figures of national heroes, axes, mosques, tombs, old and new geometrical shapes, Ajrak Sindhi shawl etc: In this connection we should qjrak to be grateful the poor and amateurish section of our society who has protected this cultural heritage because they think it sin to uncover their heads, in this state of affairs the cultured legacy of Sindhi cap can be claimed by this group because they are not jn makers of the cap but also protectors of expertise and exercise.


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If we elaborate the impression of Ajrak, it is pertinent to know about its importance languaeg use to its native and how it is made. Cap producers create such beautiful qjrak, decoration and flowering designs with collyrium on cloth mostly silk of different color that having seen their art heart filled in high spirits. Marriages rituals There are several martial rituals in Sindh. During invasion of Alexander the great on Sindh the king of Alor gifted him medicine of snake bite whereas a pair of yellow pigeons was presented him by a monarch.

essay on ajrak in sindhi language

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Funeral Rituals After death the dead body is covered by Sindhi Ajrak. The culture and heritage day was celebrated for the first time on December 6, as the Sindhi Topi Day as a backlash to the langusge of anchorperson Dr.

Besides, Sindhis have a special feeling and association for the ajrak and they use Ajrak from cradle to grave. The main event was arranged at Karachi Press Club. During its early phase two type of caps has been used to cover heads, one made by sewing two folds of white cloth, its four sides had been circular with which complete forehead could be covered, pious and religious people like to wear that.


People of Sindh learned honey making process, agriculture of dot tree and making of sweet meal with dot palms from Arabs. Abbasi January 15, at 4: The ajrak is an integral part of Sindhi culture and traditional.

Sindhi Topi and Ajrak Day – A Symbol Of Love

Then cooked on the skillet slowly, Lolos are almost a quarter or more inches thick. It is an agriculture province. Sindhi People specifically for you. Food is very esasy in Sindhi culture. Sindhi people not only welcomed the wandering visitors used to come here from different regions of the world through ages but also impressed them with loving behavior and warm hospitality on such scale that mainstream among the infiltrators preferred to live here rather than to go back their respective homelands.

Secondly, it allows the guest to appreciate the Sindhi Culture. I hope you like it, have a good day and take care, if you really, then please add your comments …. Handicrafts like rallies, aplic work and mirror work hangings are dangled on the walls of the set. Pakistani women wear an elaborate and heavily embroidered dress known as gharara on their wedding days.

Modern painting and calligraphy have also developed in recent times. Ajrak is a block-printed cloth with deep crimson red and indigo blue background, bearing symmetrical patterns with interspersed unprinted sparkling white motifs, mostly stars. Over sindni years, ajraks have become a symbol of the Sindhi culture and traditions.

Nomadic way of lifestyle is commonly seen in sindgi deserted regions of Thar where people move from place to place in search for drinking water sources along with their animals. Notify me of new comments via email.