As of today April 26th TA office hours are back in Huang. I pay cold hard cash. An online LaTeX editor and compiler is available at www. Assignments There will be an initial self-assessment homework called HW0 and 8 more graded homework assignments. All homework and quizzes will be posted and submitted in Canvas.

Attendance to lectures is mandatory. Students were able to get access to that organization by signing up with their Harvard emails. Next Monday is Memorial day, and next Friday is the first day of exams, and CS traditionally gives the last day class off for you to study and finish your pset. Lectures will be recorded and made available real time for DCE students and 24 hours later for in-campus students via Canvas. The scale is We also put together a notation reference handout so you can figure out what to google if you see a math symbol you don’t recognize. The CS Final is on June 6th at 3:

We handed out a practice final in class.

cs109 homework 2015

Use Piazza to ask course related questions and see answers to other student questions. Try our GRE prep free trial! However, when it came time to do anything more interesting than plotting data, the course was very shallow many homework assignments boiled down to “fill in this space with a function that takes this as cs1109 and outputs that”. Cs190 still unhappy with the initial response, then submit a reason via email to the Helpline with subject line “Regrade HW1: The scale is HW0 will not be graded but you are required to submit.


CS Homework and Labs.

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An article from the New York Times discusses the increasing importance of statistics in computing. It was fixed over the weekend. As someone who already had a background in python, I didn’t feel I learned as much.

cs109 homework 2015

Course Policies Getting Help For questions about homework, course content, package installation, JupyterHub, and after you have tried to troubleshoot yourselves, the process to get help is: We will be using Jupyter Notebooks, Python 3 and various python modules. If you took the class, you definitely had to get used to coding in python, and getting used to manipulating data in python. IqbtX e nxIr d v u vg.

cs109 homework 2015

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday I looked forward to getting to be part of your probability learning journey. Thanks for your positive feedback on the course!

Most of the fixes to the lecture notes have been minor. We will have in class quizzes to assess your understanding of the material and to help us identify gaps. But the homeworks are great practice for the material, and those will remain public. I disagree with others here I wasn’t a huge fan of the class. Successful completion of this assignment will show that this course is suitable for you.


Syllabus for COMPSCI A: Data Science 1: Introduction to Data Science

Not sure if this is what you are looking for: First letter between M and Z: We want to make the review session as helpful as possible for you! On a similar vein, The Wall Street Journal published cs19 article entitled New Hiring Formula Values Math Pros talking about how employers are seeking computer scientists with training in statistics and probability.

Problem Set 3 it out. The syllabus page shows a table-oriented view of the course schedule, and the basics of course grading. It is due April 18th at 2: CS has been developed by many talented teachers.

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 3pm to 4: It was a good run. Unfortunately, the material from the course are several years old and they stopped updating it. Course Components Lectures The class consists of two weekly lectures and one lab, which is designed as a class activity.

Midterm There will be one midterm take-home to be done individually see Calendar for dates Final Project There will be a final group project students due during Exams period.