Putting the puzzle together Rapid fire changes in the workplace mean increased responsibilities for many employees. Kepner-Tregoe will be demonstrating a method that has answered our clients needs to hone troubleshooting skills in a safe to fail environment. The employee skills that chief human resources officers have identified as necessary to thrive in the near-term business environment. People are the most valuable service asset that an organization has. The benefits of teamwork are oft reported; but teamwork is not automatic.

If you want to learn how to focus on essential information, ignore irrelevant inputs and solve complex problems, one key will be to understand critical thinking and when to apply it. Understanding the probable outcomes of all proposed actions gives a much better chance of the organization making a decision that will have a successful outcome. In this third installment of a presentation from Dave Broenen of Cisco Systems telling how Cisco turned the tables to get profitable results from their support organization, we find out how to get your problem solving processes working on a much larger scale. Kepner-Tregoe has been helping companies target the right areas to improve in order to achieve operational excellence for over 50 years. Suitable for for anyone in industry and IT who has to deal with supplier quality issues. Critical thinking through rational, unbiased analysis is still a bedrock for survival in business today.

Your Problem Solving Advantage: Clear Thinking

You will get to the true root cause faster, minimizing unnecessary and costly outages. Troubleshooters in all walks of life prepare for real-life calamities by studying theory and working through case studies none of which replicate the pressure cooker they find themselves in when things have gone pear shaped.

Dave also discusses techniques for overcoming resistance to these new techniques. K-T is particularly known for its problem solving methodology, particularly in incident management, problem management and change management. What kind of people? About Kepner-Tregoe analysis methodology: As the technology on the security of cloud-based services matures, coupled with the lures of criticzl costs and higher stability, banks now have to look long and hard at jumping onto the cloud bandwagon.


A free version is included for KT workshop participants with premium versions available offering advanced features.

Raising the skill level of IT teams with Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving

Hide me from other attendees. They are also the ones who are most difficult to take off-line for weeks at a time. Over two decades ago, the Secretary of Labor appointed a commission to determine the skills our tregke people would need to succeed in the working world.

Successful companies are highly dependent on their crritical in their supply chain. One of these behaviors is how we think which has the capacity to handle the significant challenges and opportunities! These are the operators who are crucial to your team; are best placed to troubleshoot and collect evidence before it is destroyed.

Future of Thinking Series: Critical Thinking – Kepner-Tregoe

Discover the components of a multi-disciplined daily management system that includes items such as escalating morning meetings, operator standard work, leader role modeling via daily walks, simple reporting templates and even phone-based apps providing prompts, guidance, and governance crittical the palm of your hand. One important role they will often find themselves fulfilling is assessing the current situation against possible future situations.

They work for our clients and here at Kepner-Tregoe. Almost all of us know the tragic story of how the Titanic hit an iceberg on its maiden voyage, sinking in the North Atlantic Ocean, killing more than people in the process.

A free version is criticla for KT workshop participants with premium versions available offering advanced features.

Providing Value in IT Service Management with Critical Thinking – Kepner-Tregoe

The evolving definition and history of critical thinking How modern critical thinking models are being used by successful leaders today How to become a critical thinking star at work. Over the past decade, the decision making process has become increasingly complex. You will also learn: Join us as we discuss how to implement operator microlearning and the latest cloud-based solutions for daily management practices that allow you kepenr your workforce to address root cause in real-time.


K-T training allows organizations to raise the skill level of their staff, giving them new competencies in trouble shooting and problem solving. Before a pilot is given the keys to fly a passenger jet they spend many hours in a simulator preparing to avoid dire consequences.

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The future of work will look different than the current landscape, and it is approaching rapidly. Creating a culture of speedy and efficient decision-making. The major transformational changes forecasted for and beyond. Dec 11 61 mins. Critical thinking through rational, unbiased analysis is still a bedrock for survival in business today. Invite more colleagues or close.

Your place is confirmed, we’ll send you email reminders Add to calendar Outlook iCal Google. K-T is recognised as ‘best in class’ for troubleshooting.

critical thinking kepner tregoe

Purpose—Critical Thinkers understand their intent; they understand the nature of the change at hand Past, Present, or Futurethe type of answer needed to resolve it Explanation, Solution, or Preparation and Mitigationand the information required to reach sound conclusions or make good judgments about the solution. IT incidents such as major system outages or database security breaches often are triggered by a ,epner of events, each seemingly harmless but, given a certain progression tihnking a perfect storm.

One that simulates the pressure cooker of a real-live challenge complete with consequences and rewards for actions taken.