A separate file should be submitted for each figure. This applies to your application submission. If a table contains only one abbreviated term, then a separate footnote placed after that abbreviation should be used to define that term. The University of Chicago Press; This requirement does not apply to changes made to figures or supplemental material. They must be double-spaced, include line numbers, should include a title page, should have no more than 10 references, and should not exceed words.

Three consecutive weeks of nutritional ketosis has no effect on cognitive function, sleep, and mood compared with a high-carbohydrate, low-fat diet in healthy individuals: Effect of skipping breakfast for 6 days on energy metabolism and diurnal rhythm of blood glucose in young healthy Japanese males. All submitted material with scientific content will undergo peer review by the Editors or their designees before acceptance for publication. Place explanatory matter in footnotes, not in the heading or table title. Research Conduct studies, research, surveys and analyses to determine the current status, need for, potential of, and possibility to create or expand employment opportunities for job seekers with disabilities.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Assist AJCN staff, management and regional Disability Resource Coordinators with identifying systemic and physical barriers to job seekers with disabilities and assist with conflict resolution for disability related matters and barriers as needed for job seekers with disabilities, disability service providers and partner agencies.

Use only standard abbreviations.

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If changes are received after the deadline, the article will be printed as set. Identify on the title page the author who will be responsible for letterr regarding the manuscript.

Please use the following descriptors: Copies of any documents granting permission needed to reproduce material in print and electronic form or to use illustrations of identifiable subjects should be scanned and uploaded to the submission system at http: For an illustrated table quality checklist, visit https: All material to be considered for publication in a regular or supplement issue should be submitted electronically at the following website: Supplement fees For more information on supplement fees, please contact Gina Farago gina.


Have you attached a professionally written cover letter that highlights your knowledge, skills, abilities and experience as they pertain to the responsibilities listed in the job description? Double-spacing of tables is preferred but not required.

Note that Conflicts of Interest should be included after the Acknowledgement section.

Instructions to Authors

Provide 1 or 2 sentences that explain the context of the study. Training and Technical Assistance. In the text, letetr references by Arabic numerals in parentheses 1not superscript.

The footnote should be associated lefter the first abbreviated term in the text and should be an alphabetized listing of all author-defined abbreviations and their definitions. The COI Statement must include all authors.

Program Coordinator I (Disability Employment Program Manager I PCN 06-0538)

Egg consumption, cholesterol intake, and risk of incident stroke in men: Submit manuscript text, including figure legends and tables, in a Word file; tables must be included in the text file; do not submit tables in separate files. Changes in the manuscript text must be marked track changes.

Energy may be expressed in kilocalories or joules; the conversion factor for converting kilocalories to kilojoules is 4. Coordinate asset building activities for job seekers at the State and local level to increase the number and types of individual development account programs matched savings accountsfinancial literacy programs and no-cost tax preparation efforts in partnership with the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program.

Link conclusions with the goals of the study and avoid unqualified statements and conclusions that are not completely supported by the data.


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Assist the ESD with establishing methods to measure and analyze costs, benefits and goal achievements of the Disability Employment Initiative.

Number tables consecutively with Arabic numerals do not use 1A, 1B, etc and supply a brief descriptive title for each. When symbols, arrows, numbers, or letters are used to identify parts of the figures, identify and explain each one clearly in the legend. Abstract A properly constructed and informative abstract is helpful for the initial editorial review of the submitted manuscript.

If cove experience problems during the submission process, contact the AJCN manuscript office by email ajcnsubmit nutrition. Waivers should be requested when the acceptance letter is received or when author proofs are returned. Acknowledgments 1 Acknowledge only persons who have made substantive contributions to the study.

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Coordinate with the AJCN in updating the Disability Employment Initiative staff resource website to ensure disability resources, archived webinars and staff training materials are effective and current. The abstract and ajcj pages should have consecutive line numbers in the left margin beginning in the abstract and ending before the reference section.

Designing statistically powerful studies while minimizing financial costs.

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Microbiological Culture Deposition The Journal AJCN expects authors to deposit microbial strains used in any study to be published in publicly accessible culture collections, for example the American Type Culture Collection ATCC and to refer to the collections and strain numbers in the text e.