From the dialogue above, Salma is Look at the pictures! We should be sorry for them. Is he able to speak Indonesian language after 3 months lived in Indonesia? Opinion dialogue is a dialog consists of two persons or more who have opinion each others. Penjelasan berikut akan membantu anda memahami cara melakukan percakapan atau dialog asking and giving opinion dalam bahasa inggris. You are commenting using your Google account.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. What d o you think. I can drive a car 2 years ago before get accident. Email required Address never made public. It make me dizzy. Would you mind not talking in the library.

Oh you have many novels in your new house. World is rocking with it. Di dalam melakukan percakapan sehari-hari slal kita dihadapkan pada kondisi yang mengharuskan kita untuk memberikan pendapat atau pun meminta pendapat dari orang lain.

T hank you c.

contoh soal essay asking and giving opinion

Asking for an opinion B. You are sick, you Read carefully and answer the questions The following conversation is for questions 5 — Informal What’s your reaction to that? I am thinking of C. This road is slippery. Contoh soal essay asking annd giving opinion February 15, soal tentang asking for a change anything: What do you think about the film?


Answer the following questions! Permintaan izin dalam bahasa inggris disebut dengan Permission. Nimas wants to buy an umberella. What do you like.

Dengan tujuan ingin mengeruk ke I really like you. What I have in my mind is……… The way I see is that………… No everyone will agree with me, but …. I think you should have had fixed soxl hand.

contoh soal essay asking and giving opinion

I will lend you latter. You must turn left. Maher Zain is entertainer, and his ability is….

Tugas-tugas bantuan: Contoh Soal Expression of Asking and Giving Opinion

Cara Memperoleh Unsur Periode 3. Berbagi ke Twitter Berbagi ke Facebook. Pray before do exam!

I know it b. I feel they are great novels.


I like it B. It make me dizzy. Would you like any help?

Mini bicycle – my brother — old – ride — was – 3 years — when — could – he. You should buy one. Where do you buy it? Perekonomian terbuka perekonomian empat sektor merupakan suatu sistem perekonomian opinin melibatkan kegiatan ekspor dan impor dengan negar


contoh soal essay asking and giving opinion