The program must run on Windows XP or a higher computer. A one-page description of the plan should be the first page of the report not included in page count. Teams with the top 5 test scores will perform at the District Conference. Introduction to Business Presentation 9th and 10th grade only! You do not need to fill out this form if your conflict involves a student competing in two events, presenting a workshop, or having to attend region officer training. Team Production and Presentation Events.

Create a s style video arcade game. Public Speaking 2 11th and 12th Grade Only! If the program requires a runtime player, create a shortcut outside the master folder to launch the runtime player installer. Business Ethics Competitors must research the topic prior to conference and be prepared to present their findings and solutions. If you need special scheduling consideration due to other conflicts, please complete the SLC Scheduling Request Form at https: Describe career-related education that enhances employability. The program must contain the following, at a minimum:

Computer Problem Solving

Public Service Announcement Only present at State. Marilynn Skinner, Baldwin High School. Include all fields and be careful not to over write another students information. For a list of the MOS Word exam competencies, go to certiport. Applications may deploy from a smartphone, tablet, or both, but must be smartphone deployable.

Some general guidelines in how to create an elevator pitch. Susan Fagan, Lambert High School. Demonstrate leadership by completing a team personal finance assessment. You will also be offering party packages to your customers.


Outside of the master folder, create a shortcut to the executable file.

FBLA Review Activities

A contact form must be available. Please make sure the students wear appropriate dress shoes. Bus parking information and directions can be found on the LiveBinder.

The FEC will offer party packages to their customers. All websites are manually reviewed by humans, so if we will notice anything illegal, your account will be terminated.

Computer Problem Solving – Competition Materials

The career summary should include career choice, description of career, skills and education required, and future job outlook e. No changes may be made to the website after the official entry date. Career Exploration Planning Quizlet https: You have been hired as a graphic designer for a new Family Entertainment Center FEC opening in a city with a population of approximatelyCompetitors should introduce themselves, describe the situation, present both affirmative and negative and make their recommendations, and summarize their case.

If they are darker than the blazer, the judges may rule this as black and assess a dress code violation of 20 compter to your student.

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Be prepared to argue the affirmative, that cloud computing would positively answer the demand for instantaneous information; and solvkng prepared to argue the negative, that cloud computing is not the answer to instantaneous information. Provlem can design your FEC as you wish, but it must be completely indoors and include an arcade and food.


Create a mobile application that would allow a platform for a digital yard sale to raise funds to attend NLC. Students who are participating in a competitive event where they will present in front of a panel of judges must be in Georgia FBLA Official Dress. Please delete file ” default.

computer problem solving fbla quizlet

What will your presentation be? Those who place in the top 5 will perform at the District Conference.

The app should allow for the donation of items, including picture, suggested price, and a rating for the condition fb,a the item. Graphics should be computer generated. Presentation Events Speech Events. Complete a team consumer assessment. Please remind students that tight-fitting clothes, casual clothes, or short skirts are not permitted. File Size Last Modified default. If you are staying at the Melia, you should also park in the same location.

Sites should be designed to allow for viewing on as many different platforms as possible. Team Production and Presentation Events.

computer problem solving fbla quizlet