Instead of saying Lakshmi, to say Lakshmi so much effort, lots of air and movement and the tongue to say Lakshmi! Confused impersonalism in the name of Bhagavad-Gita, Giving their own interpretation for Bhagavad-Gita. So Bhagavad Gita was like a demonstration, see what happens. Always running where is Krishna where is Krishna? Those who are not into devotional service, those who are not bhaktas, those who are envious to them do not preach. He becomes godly because his thoughts are like God.

Verse memorization is a small percentage of the final examination, so even if one is weak in this area, they can still pass the test. This verse is particularly applicable to modern society because in modern society there is practically no education in spiritual matters. It might be bitter but is this useful. How it should be dealing with others? A Reference We require a reference from your Temple President or other local authority. Analyze the role of the mind in yoga.

Bhakthi Sastri Assignments

You need 7 attitudes bhhakti Vaishnavas Students handbook page Learning objectives it says at the top, Discuss appropriate attitudes towards senior devotees in temple who have not completed Bhakti Shastri degree.

Why are they worshipped? So chanting with blaspheming will not bear any fruit.

Nectar of devotion Chapter 21, Krsna consciousness is eternal, where as such mushrooming duplicate institutions that are not based on Scriptures are temporary.

As far as my mati goes my intelligence functions as far as I know the shastras and have done experience I must tell you this that who is going to be victorious who will win in the battle? And to know His shaktis -His energy is part of knowing Lord. We are going to be smart and get higher education, so that those who are less educated I am going to exploit them do pick pocketing in different ways. This is Bible, talking about love but then they also talk of, oh! How is Krsna the “object of everyone’s realization” according to their desires?


Explain the significance of Krsna’s name Hrsikesa in verse I will protect what you have and sstri what you need Faith? Some discussion on this? Pratyaksha means “direct evidence.

Bhakti Shastri: iskcon

He is in the process, present tense presently chanting, he is in the middle of chanting, he has not completed the chanting; chanting or reciting. But Lord You have brought me here and my Guru maharaj has desired that I go to the west and preach Krishna Consciousness in English language. So that means they have to come on this boat. What about the excuses my homewlrk mind gives, for not remembering Krsna, due to various material duties!!!???

Caitanya Mahaprabhu was reciting very confidential verse at the time of rathayatra. Who bhakit the question? Fully surrender as per His wishes you act.

bhakti sastri homework

This is also relationship. Krishna takes His flute and played the flute. So, those who cultivate avidya, they give headache, those who cultivate vidya they should be giving what? But he was neither penny-less he had wealth of the holy name and he was not friend less he had best friend with him that is Krishna and the holy name. Do not even waste one moment of your szstri, acquire knowledge.


The appropriate format for this will be worked out during the class and the students will be informed. Then at certain point he introduced 4 regulative principle and those who wish to follow will join our mission you homedork to follow regulative principle are you ready?

So you have to take off the foot from the other boat and just be in a boat that is going back to home we are going back to home tin tin tin tin some devotees play guitar we are going back to home Singing.

Strait forwardness in not hesitating bhaktii point out the pseudo incarnations sastti pretenders. Vividhaiva- Lord is full of potencies.

bhakti sastri homework

All that homewwork had been reading, studying, it is on your mind. If they stick to the path, they are on the right path now and if they do some more right things, keep doing even they will be achieving perfection. The Padma Purana recommends: Although this battle is going be won by?