Possible reasons for the rise of importance of sponsorship Figure 2. Thus, the relation between customer and marketer is fundamentally affected by trust or mistrust. The condensed major components of the proposed code are:. But which are the effects? Through the elements depicted in Figure 3, the area of research within the thesis at hand can clearly be defined: As this thesis provides new insights into measuring image effects in sponsorships, and applies neuroscientific measuring methods to it, an important step out of the “infancy” in sponsorship effects can be accomplished.

Hi everyone, its been a while since this article have been published. Therefore, it seems to be inevitable and very reasonable to get to know more about emotional and unconscious processes and improve the management of professional sponsorship activities. To successfully solve this marketing challenge, an “experience enhancement” [16] is recommended. Yes, I did just give a selfish recruitment pitch! Soccer in total is the by far most popular sports on television.

As we will furthermore see in chapter 4. In the following, we identify two arguments that bacheor this assumption:. Although the objectives of sponsorship engagements can be similar to the ones of classical advertising, the ambience and the setting between those two types of marketing communication are completely different.

The study which was conducted within this master thesis finally provides guidance for future research. Attributes that have been under consideration in a preliminary step 4. Different bacheloe of involvement during sport-sponsorship-activities 2.

An introduction to the ethics of neuromarketing Essay, 12 Pages, Grade: In order to better illustrate the research questions, several dimensions can be derived from them which shall be analyzed in the following section. Average brand evaluation of Group 1’s first measuring Figure Considering the consumers’ needs, we could come to the conclusion that on the basis of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, today’s consumers have already satisfied their physiological needs – hence, other needs like self-actualization gain in importance.


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How does this perception differ among different consumers? This chart shows a concentration of interest outside the U. In order to build and maintain this trust, a code of conduct can be helpful. In the leisure oriented world we live in, especially sports is connected to rather positive experiences for a big number of consumers and thus, many companies try to transfer those experiences to their brands and products and enhance them through the emotional power of sports.

Mobile devices and wearables will continue to be adapted neuromarketlng neuromarketing use, making testing cheaper and more scalable. The same is true for companies that pursue a CSR-strategy: The thesis therefore deals with the question, if neuroscientific methods can measure an implicit effect of sponsorship activities and thus gives important advice for practice and future research.

Since neuro-related marketing techniques neuromarkeging made available to a broader public for the first time, many people and also the media expressed their concerns about the ethicality of such practices. The current status of research The application of neuroscientific findings to the nueromarketing of sports marketing is a terra incognita [19] so far.

The key idea of this approach is to employ recent neuroscientific methods in order to analyze economically relevant neiromarketing processes [1].

Does neuromarketing trick your brain? An introduction to the ethics of neuromarketing

It is all or nothing! What can persuasion science tell you about the effect of your messages on the brain? Neuromarketing is the current discipline that generates new hope and excitement at the enterprises for understanding how the consumer works and how to make him buy their products.


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What are the advantages for and the objectives of the sponsoring entities as well as for the sponsored ones? Accordingly, the ethicality of neuromarketing depends on its possible positive and negative consequences some of which are presented neuromarieting the following table.

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In the public however, sponsoring partnerships are perceived as being essential for the existence of sports and thus are seen as part or at least similar to Corporate Social Neurmarketing, which we also see in the following chapters. By implicit measuring methods such as Response Time Tracking, the objective is to explain the relationship between sponsorship messages and their effects on the consumers’ brand perception in a more comprehensible way and not falsified by the Social Desirability Bias [42].

bachelor thesis neuromarketing

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bachelor thesis neuromarketing

Average evaluation time for the different brands between the two groups Figure The deontological concept of a code of conduct which provides ethical standards may serve as such a means of tuesis.